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The Paleo Archeo Centre is a newly designed and lively museum, closely linked to the territory that surrounds it. A place for the understanding of scientific and historical phenomena, their importance in our cultural formation and their use in practical life. Education, collaboration with schools and the university, as well as laboratory activities are all key objectives of the P.AR.C museum

The centre is divided in three sections:

The palaeontological section discusses the general concepts of palaeontology and geology, necessary for the understanding of the history of the earth. This section presents the collection of fossils from the area. All the pieces are restored and classified by the Department of Earth Sciences of Cagliari and the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Sassari and Nuoro.

In the archaeological section we are told about the Nuragic, Punic and Roman discoveries of the territory. You can admire a model of the Santu Antine hilltop with the reconstruction of the Roman church, the Punic fortifications, the Nuragic and the deepest Nuragic well in Sardinia. This wing of the museum is completed with a 1: 1 diorama of the bottom of the well and the reproductions of the artefacts found inside.
The laboratory, where theory is transformed into practice, is a large room within the museum and is equipped with containers and materials to simulate palaeontological and archaeological excavations, as well as films describing the work of archaeologists and palaeontologists. A part of the space is dedicated to manual activity for the creation of molds, printed reproductions, and the study of minerals. The laboratory is also equipped with the scientific tools used for cleaning and preservation of fossils, such as scalpels, hammers, chisels, air-incisors and products for securing.
The spaces are equipped with projector, TV and VCR, Internet connection, and you can set up a video projection system from a computer or camera.

The P.AR.C. provides teaching aids, cards and documentary material.

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