The Park gives the possibility of approaching a cultural heritage capable of fully reviving the charm of that age.

The different working cultures that have characterized the agro-pastoral world first, and then the mining one, are recalled in the numerous festivals and celebrations, preserving the common traditions.

The complex of monuments within the Geomining Park makes Sardinia a true “open-air museum”. The long and elaborate historical path that has characterized the island (to the initial indigenous cultures jointed the different civilizations coming from the Mediterranean  ) has contributed in forming a cultural heterogeneity, with strongly original traits.

Archeology has clearly highlighted this long evolution, finding evidences in the changing buildings architecture over the centuries, but this long path is also found in the traditions intimately linked to the art of craft production, to the different musical expressions, to the internal rules of agro-pastoral world and in Sardinian culture in general.

The findings and valuable testimonies of the past are collected and kept in many museums and archaeological parks scattered throughout the territory. In addition to museums, libraries and historical archives, archaeological parks and ecomuseums have also been reorganized, a living expression of the historical memory of the territory.

Cultural sites