UNESCO Dossier

The Dossier presented to UNESCO, set up by the Sardinian Mining Institute in 1997, contained the main guidelines for the establishment of the Geomining Park. The document identified the eight areas that structure the Park and, for each of them, a general but exhaustive, cognitive framework, as part of the examination, which concerned the mining, geological, naturalistic, historical and archaeological-industrial main aspects of the concerned territories.

The Dossier contained also a complete a photo reportage and represented a schematic framework of the socio-economic development as well as museum, educational, scientific and technological aspects of the Geomining Park.

On the occasion of the UNESCO General Conference, held in Paris from 24 October to 12 November 1997, UNESCO examined positively and welcomed the proposal of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia reported in the Dossier, to include the Historical and Environmental Geomining Park of Sardinia in the UNESCO Geosites / Geoparks worldwide network, as the first emblematic example of international value.

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Charter of Cagliari

The Charter took into account the General Conference of UNESCO held in Paris from 24th October to 12 November 1997, during which the worldwide Geosites / Geoparks network is established with the aim of protecting and enhancing the technical-scientific, historical, cultural and environmental heritage of sites where man, since his origins, and everywhere on the planet, has used geological and mineral resources.

On 30 September 1998, the Charter of Cagliari was signed by UNESCO, the Italian Government, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the UNESCO Italian National Commission, the Sardinian Mining Authority, the University of Cagliari and the University of Sassari. This undersigning officialised the recognition of the Historical and Environmental Geomining Park of Sardinia by UNESCO.

The Charter is a tool to safeguard and protect the values present in the territory, with particular reference to:

  • geological context
  • technical-scientific heritage related to art, technology and mining engineering works
  • heritage of industrial archeology
  • documentary heritage of works, settlements, traditions, knowledge, customs and human events of mining activity.

Finally, the Charter stated that the features present in the Park territories must be preserved and enhanced in order to promote the economic, social and cultural development of the concerned populations and ensure their transmission to future generations.

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Feasibility study

Completed in July 2000, the study had the task to identify the cognitive and programmatic framework that outlined the necessary actions to safeguard and protect all the relevant elements from a cultural, environmental and industrial archaelogic point of view, and to evaluate costs and revenues related to the implementation of the enhancement programme, and the socio-economic potential that the Historical and Environmental Geomining Park of Sardinia could generate in the Region, in particular in the areas historically interested by mining activities.

Within the document, it was possible to consult the technical sheets of the proposed actions, organized by area of ​​intervention. Furthermore, an example of the most representative cartography was provided (map of mining areas and limits of areas of interest, map of environmental values, map of the management network and the cultural system and the main nodes of the network on the territory).

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Decree establishing the Park

Published in the Italian Official Gazette n. 265 of 14 November 2001

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Published in the Official Gazette n. 67 of 20 March 2004

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