Thanks to the climate and geographical position, the Park territories are rich in very different environments and landscapes, characterized by unique vegetation and fauna.

The Geomining Park is particularly active in an environmental information campaign to promote and spread environmental and ecological awareness, and sustainable development.

A thick network of trails will allow you to discover the Park on foot, by bike and on horseback, making it the ideal place to practice sustainable and responsible tourism.

Visitors will have the opportunity to get in touch with the peculiarities that characterize the nature of the island. The flora of Sardinia is typically Mediterranean, greatly influenced by the climate, characterized by mild winters and dry summers. The woodland vegetation is mainly composed of evergreen formations of holm and cork oak trees and deciduous woods such as oak and chestnut. Brushy formations with strawberry, mastic, juniper, olive, cyst, myrtle, phillyrea, heather, broom, rosemary, viburnum, euphorbia, that represent the “Mediterranean maquis”. These scrubland vegetation of great ecological interest, are the most representative of the Mediterranean area. In degraded lands, the scrub gives way to the “garigue”, consisting of species such as thyme, helichrysum, cysts, euphorbia.

As far as its fauna, the favorable environment of Sardinia has allowed the spread of numerous plant and animal endemisms of extraordinary naturalistic value, which often show the typical characteristics of the islands, such as the smaller size of the specimens compared to similar species present in larger geographical regions, or peculiar characteristics due to long isolation.

Natural sites