Park Rules

Park Rules

Values of the Park:

The park has the objective of safeguarding and protecting a territory of significant international, national and regional interest, the bearer of universal values with particular reference to:

  • The structural geological context with its paleontological, hydrogeological and geomorphological peculiarities.
  • The technical-scientific heritage linked to works of art, technique and mining engineering.
  • The heritage of industrial archeology of the most representative underground and superficial structures and infrastructures with particular attention to connection and transport systems.
  • The documentary heritage of the works, settlements, traditions, knowledge, uses and customs and human events of mining.
  • The archaeological and historical cultural finds related to the carrying out of the mining activity.

Inside the Geomining Park of Sardinia it is forbidden:

  • to damage artifact, goods buildings or infrastructures
  • camping or peddling outside devoted facilities
  • unauthorized advertising