The Great Mine of Montevecchio – Guspini, Arbus (SU)

Miniera di Montevecchio

The Great Mine of Montevecchio

Guspini, Arbus (SU)

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The Great Montevecchio mine is located in the Guspinese-Arburese area. It exploited the richer and very large lead and zinc mineralized bundle of whole area, that is know for approximately 10 km in length and 600 m in depth, with maximum thiknesses for the individual veins from 1.5 to 7.8 m. In 143 years od industrial activity Montevecchio developed in five mining concessions referred to as Genna Sciria, Piccalinna, Montevecchio I, Montevecchio II, Montevecchio III, where the mineralized bundle tooks the name of S. Antonio, Piccalinna, Sanna, Telle e Casargiu derived from the mines that were prepared for the ore deposit exploitation. Montevecchio has been also culture, experimentation and technological research of high level, exported worldwide. The whole lode system is of worlwide size, one of the most impressive in Europe. Together with the other neighboring Ingurtosu and Gennamari mines Montevecchio boasted the richest concentration of lead and zinc minerals in Sardinia, having produced over 1,700,000 t of lead metal and about 1,200,000 t of zinc metal as well as silver, bismuth, antimony, copper, cadmium and germanium.

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