S’Archittu di Santa Caterina – Cuglieri (OR)

S'Archittu di Santa Caterina - foto E. Anedda

S’Archittu di Santa Caterina

S’Archittu di Santa Caterina - Cuglieri (OR)

Site Category: Geological

The geological monument took its name from the Church of Santa Caterina, the only proof of the existence of the ancient village of Pittinuri. The natural arch, formed over thousands of years and about 15 meters high, was created by the erosive force of the sea and represents an attraction unique in the coast of Santa Caterina, emphasized by the ivory-white colour of the calcarenitic rock. The headland is made up of marine limestone more or less arenaceous, dating back to the Middle Miocene (15-11 million years ago). The erosion initially dug a cave but then, through following collapses, the arch has been created. The natural evolution will lead to the fall of the arch vault and to the formation of a stack.

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