Sa Spendula – Villacidro (SU)

Sa Spendula

Villacidro (SU)

Site Category: Geological

The name of this characteristic geosite means "the waterfall". It is the geomorphosite of most significant landscape importance in the entire local area, an identity symbol of Villacidro, known throughout Sardinia. It has always been a welcome destination for visitors to the town.The Sa Spendula waterfall is set on the last stretch of the Riu Coxinas, with its river heads located west of Villacidro, near the Punte di Santu Miali (1062 m s.l.m.), which flows towards the Campidano winding in a series of recessed meanders in biotite microleucosyenogranites which, forming a narrow and deep gorge between Monte Omo and Monte Margiani, produces three jumps in sequence, the last of which about 30 m high gives rise to the waterfall that originates a small lake at the base within large boulders precipitated by the overhanging walls surrounded by a luxuriant Mediterranean scrub. Gabriele D'Annunzio, on the occasion of her visit to Villacidro in 1882 in the company of Cesare Pascarella and Edoardo Scarfoglio, immortalized the rare beauty of this geomorphosite with a sonnet dedicated to her.

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