Mine of Monte Narba – San Vito (SU)

Monte Narba - foto S. Sernagiotto Archivio PGSAS

Mine of Monte Narba

San Vito (SU)

Site Category: Mining

The Monte Narba mine, located in the Sarrabus-Gerrei, was granted in 1874 and his life ended definitively in 1935. After the abandonment of the exploitation of the underground, the area of mining lease became a thriving farm with buildings converted for this use. Monte Narba is the most important of a group of twelve mines granted in the second half of 1800 for the mining of a large particularly silver rich ore deposit. In the segment of the Monte Narba’s mines (Giuanni Bonu, Baccu Arrodas and Masaloni) was exploited the richest part of an mining body known for 5 km in length and 500 m in depth. Its special feature was the wealth in native silver and the Ag, Pb, Zn, Fe, Cu, Ni, Co, As, Sb mineral association and gangue beautifully crystallized. For their beauty minerals were compared with those of the most famous and ancient mines of Norway, Saxony and Bohemia. All this international reputation, which still lives today after 150 years, is due largely to the scientific and cultural heritage of its director G. B. Traverso (1843-1914).


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