Il Pan di Zucchero – Iglesias (SU)

Il Pan di Zucchero - foto G. Alvito

Il Pan di Zucchero

Il Pan di Zucchero - Iglesias (SU)

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Pan di Zucchero is a wonderful islet of Cambrian “ceroid limestone” which stands out in the creek of the amazing and incomparable mineral site of Porto Flavia. Generated from the marine erosion that caused its detachment from the opposite cliff of Punta Is Cicalas, it is 133 meters hight out of the water, whit a surface of 3,27 heactares. The name Pan di Zucchero refers to the best known Pao Azucar in Rio de Janeiro bay, and it replaced, since the end of the 1700s, the Sardinian toponym Concali Su Terrainnu. At the base of the islet there are two horizontal caves similar to tunnels opening up at sea level. In its upper side, it is possible to notice the tracks of a “suspended” incised valley, another proof of its connection whit the mailand. There are also old mining excavations of zinc and lead, dating back to the last century. The other two stacks, that originated in the same way, are called il Morto and S’Agusteri.

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