Galleria Henry, Mine of Planu Sartu – Buggerru (SU)

Galleria Henry, Miniera di Planu Sartu - Buggerru - foto S.Sernagiotto (Archivio PGSA) 2

Galleria Henry, Mine of Planu Sartu

Buggerru (SU)

Site Category: Mining

The Galleria Henry was the most important structure of the zinc and lead Planu Sartu mine at Buggerru (Iglesiente Area). It was built to transport minerals from mine to the washing plants in Buggerru by means of a steam train. About 1 km long and located at 50 m above sea level, it follows the contour of the cliff, south of Buggerru, below the Planu Sartu plateau characterized by large open-pit mine. The Galleria Henry can be visited by appointment and allows to cross the workplace of miners, admiring any time an extraordinary panorama of great charm that switches the sea to the cliff limestones.

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