Castelsardo Elephant (SS)

L'Elefante di Castelsardo - foto S. Sernagiotto Archivio PGSAS

Castelsardo Elephant

Elephant Rock - Castelsardo SS

Site Category: Geological

The geological site “La Roccia dell’Elefante di Castelsardo”, symbol of Castelsardo’s identity, owes its name to its elephant-shape to which this natural sculpture symbolically reminds. It is forged in the volcanic pyroclastic rocks date back to the Miocene Age (Burdigalian, 18-20 million years ago) typical of the whole territory of Castelsardo. The chemical and physical processes of natural elements such as, water and wind, as well as the sea spray has shaped, over millions of years, the pyroclastic rock in such a way as to create the characteristic shape of  a seated elephant. This unusual zoomorphic rock, known at the beginning of the nineteenth century under the name of “Sa Pedra Pertunta” (pierced stone), is important also from the archaeological point of view, as it hosts inside the so-called “Domus de Janas” date back to the pre-Nuragic period. These hypogea have been dug in different levels and periods; the second one is better preserved and decorated with symbols of strength, power and energy.


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